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The Top 10 Ways Your Organisation Can Profit Through ISO Certification
Or the benefits on implementing ISO

Implementing ISO is a surefire way to optimise your company’s bottom line performance. From enhanced search engine rankings to the creation of robust marketing opportunities, ISO certification can open countless doors of opportunity for your organisation. Below are the top 10 ways your organisation can profit through ISO certification.
1) ISO certification will enhance your company’s industry image. ISO certification is highly coveted by organisations across a variety of industries. The majority of companies are not ISO-certified, elevating the status of those companies that are certified. For instance, approximately three-fourths of manufacturing companies lack ISO certification, consequently enhancing the stock of the 25% of manufacturing companies that have earned the certification.
2) Costs are controlled as a result of superior use of resources. The ISO implementation process requires organisations to make efficient use of their human resources and company assets. The result is a leaner workforce and a more robust bottom line.
3) Processes are streamlined and consistent, resulting in fewer costly errors. Process improvement methodology is a key requirement for companies seeking ISO certification. Meeting this requirement and earning ISO certification means that your company has strong company policies and procedures in place to help prevent errors and enhance customer satisfaction.
4) You can attract new customers who are required to choose ISO-certified vendors. Some organisations require their key vendors to possess ISO certification. Examples include government healthcare facilities and universities. ISO implementation enables your company to provide products and services to these customers, thereby creating yet another means of increasing your bottom line performance.
5) Organisational deficiencies are identified during the certification process. One of the best ways to optimise your company’s financial results is to identify barriers to success and create a strategic plan to address them. Resolving these deficiencies paves the way for increased efficiency and a healthier bottom line.
6) ISO certification communicates an organisation’s commitment to excellence. Prospective customers are often aware that ISO certification is only bestowed upon companies that adhere to the most stringent requirements. Additionally, companies seeking ISO certification must be prepared to dedicate hours of their time and hard-earned money to obtain certification.
7) Your organisation can participate in government tenders. ISO certification is a prerequisite for most public bidding opportunities and government tenders across the globe. Some tenders and public projects can generate millions of dollars in revenue for the company with the winning bid. This means that ISO certification could potentially double or triple a company’s revenue.
8) Search engine rankings for your company will improve. As the demand for ISO-certified vendors increases, more prospective customers are including “ISO certified” in their collections of keywords as they conduct online vendor searches. Once you post the news about your ISO certification on your organisation’s website, your site’s search engine optimisation (SEO) will improve. This will drive more traffic to your site, increasing your likelihood of conversions.
9) Company roles and responsibilities are more clearly defined. While the ISO certification process is considered to be rigorous by most people, the process also forces organisations to clearly delineate departments and their key areas of focus. With a well-organised workforce, your company will be primed for greater production.
10) Superb marketing opportunities are created. The marketing opportunities that accompany ISO certification are virtually endless. Here are a few ways that you can use your newly awarded ISO-certification to promote your brand:

Clearly, there is a link between ISO certification and bottom line performance for companies. ISO certification is a powerful attribute that will elevate your organisation to new levels of success. At Sustainable Certification our goal is to improve your business performance through audits and certification.
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