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Check the certificate validity using the QR Code

Sustainable Certification certificates are issued using a unique QR Code to improve security and transparency of certificates. The QR Code verification process helps with identifying counterfeit certificates & making forgeries easily detectable. While the data is safely stored by Sustainable Certification, anyone can easily verify the validity and details of a certificate.

How does it work?

When a certificate is issued, the data is digitalised and a digital identity is assigned to each certificate. All certificates are tagged, traceable and the original safely stored in the network of computers in the blockchain.

Combined, it establishes an immutable transaction, secure and highly transparent, making it easy to uncover fraud as the technology will expose any outdated or forged certificates.

How do I check the validity of a certificate?

Scan the code with a QR scanner of your choice.
QR scanners can be easily downloaded from most app stores, depending upon your device. When scanning the QR code, the app will take you to Sustainable Certification’s Certificate Register, displaying the certificate status and details.

Alternatively, you can go to our public certificate register here

Fraudulent Certificate Activity

Recently Sustainable Certification was contacted to verify a Certificate document for validity. It was immediately apparent upon reviewing the certificates that they were not issued by Sustainable Certification and were not represented on the JAS-ANZ Register.

Please note the following organisation has been circulating fraudulent certificates when tendering and quoting for work:
Transnational Services Alliance Pty Ltd

It is important that any certificate of validity is verified using one of the following methods:

Via the Sustainable Certification Certificate Register
Using the Sustainable Certification QR Code Verification ( see above steps)
Via the JAS-ANZ Certificate Register
Via the IAF Certificate Register