Disability and Human Services

More than four million Australians have a disability. The National Disability Insurance Scheme provides billions of funding every year to nearly half a million Australians. Participants with a significant and permanent disability will, for the first time, receive the support they need.

Our team assists organizations in the process of qualifying for and enrolling in NDIS to better serve their employees and their families. Partner with our team to help your human services department answer all employees needs for the NDIS.

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Benefits of the NDIS Certificate

Australian NDIS providers must register with the NDIS and receive the NDIS verification or certification. This certification helps disabled recipients get the support they require. It also ensures NDIS providers give the appropriate standard of care and service in line with NDIS Practice Standards.

Process of Getting the NDIS Certificate

The process of getting the NDIS certificate helps you to register and comply with guidelines set out by the NDIS Commission.

Certification is for NDIS providers supplying complex or high-risk services or support. Their services can be classified under the high-intensity daily personal activities registration group.

Initial Scope of Audit

This document is provided by the NDIS Commission. It outlines the requirements for the business for certification or verification as well as steps needed to complete to receive the relevant certificate. An approved auditor will review the business and see if it complies.

Application Process

When applying through, we will need the necessary information. An assessment will be made of certain qualities including relevant qualifications, risk management, human resource management, complaint management, and resolution processes, and incident management processes and policies expertise and experience.

Assessment Completion

Once we assess your organization against national standards, we can quickly help with the qualification process.

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