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Hackers, thieves, competitors as well as interested parties are constantly seeking to permeate company databases and access information. They want to steal information to make money, sell credit card numbers, hold data hostage or just to obtain a competitive advantage. For that reason, firms constantly must be aware of their information security issues. To do so, they are encouraged to implement information security management systems. These have several drivers and benefits.
Information Security Umbrella
Information security is imperative for businesses to keep in mind. However, it encompasses several different components. The overarching idea is that employees, partners, vendors, buyers and other stakeholders must act with discretion when dealing with any sensitive information.
They should not share unnecessary information with friends and family, nor should they leave documents in open and accessible locations. Rather, they should guard corporate information vigorously.  This typically includes financial information, key design or innovation plans or even private employee data. Employees have to be cautious not to share their password or download suspicious files they receive over email. They must keep their anti-virus software up to date and regularly change passwords as well.
On the other hand, IT security is much more specific and includes the implementation of two factor authentication, multi-level encryption, advanced firewalls and anti-virus software. IT security includes examining the technical systems including the hardware, software and network links to all individuals. This is just as important as Information Security.
Hacking into a system can cause major disruptive issues. Recently, hackers captured computer systems all around the world with their WannaCry virus. This virus froze computers and demanded a ransom in order to unlock them. The virus infected computers in the UK’s national health system, as well as systems throughout Asia and Australia. Those companies and organizations paid millions to hackers and millions more to fix their systems. This was purely one example of many types of hacks that have occurred over time.
The key drivers of increased ISMS are the exponential increase in hacking and  its ramifications worldwide. Now that the power of the Internet is in the hands of billions of people all around the world, anybody with access can learn the dark arts andattempt to steal information. While it takes an organized effort with financial sponsorship to create the most powerful hacking groups, there are millions around the world that already have the knowledge and capability to launch initial attacks.
These attacks vary widely. One tactic is to send millions of data requests to one server to bring it down in order to leave a network vulnerable. This DDOS attacks is very difficult to prevent. Other hacks include stealing passwords or breaking codes to enter a network. Still other hackers simply trick users into downloading viruses which enable the hacker to control the computer. These techniques continue to grow and become more sophisticated.
The benefits of applying ISMS are quite clear. First of all, it is like an insurance policy that protects against the possibility of enormous financial damage. Keeping information security up to date minimises the vast majority of attempted hacks.
Secondly, businesses need to show they are engaging in information security for legal liability and government compliance purposes. Without investing in ways to prevent attacks, they are leaving themselves open to lawsuits and government fines. Investing in the technologies gives companies a good defence against allegations of negligence.
Lastly, ISMS gives management greater control of their business. They install more management tools, get better server data and control the flow of information inside the company. That ultimately helps them to run a better, more profitable business.
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