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ISO Customer Service: How ISO 9001 Improves Business Processes

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In 2012, the NSW Government demonstrated its dedication to customer service. They appointed Australia’s first  Customer Service Commissioner. The goal was to foster a culture where customer service is highly valued. They also wanted it to be one of the legislated objectives of the Government.
Almost 90% of Australian consumers deem customer service as a key factor. They use it in their buying decision-making. Over the last 5 years, however, there’s been a global dip in customer service satisfaction.
To achieve ISO customer service standards, an organisation must attain certification. To do so, they must exhibit exemplary practices. Those practices must also align with ISO international standards.
Do you want to learn more about the ISO experience? Do you want to understand how it will improve your overall business processes?
Keep reading to start improving your communications today!
What Is the ISO (International Organization for Standardization)?
In 1946, 65 delegates from 25 countries met in London. They met to discuss the future of International Standardization. The next year, ISO officially launched, with 67 groups of experts as their base.
ISO is a non-governmental organisation with 164 national standards bodies. Through those members, experts share knowledge and develop voluntary, market-relevant, consensus-based, International Standards.
Those standards provide solutions to global challenges. Plus, they are continuously evolving, paying close attention to innovation and customer needs. The organisation now has 784 technical committees and over 23,000 international standards.
What Is the ISO 9001 Standard?
ISO 9001 international standards encompass requirements for a quality management system (QMS). A certified organisation must follow those requirements set forth in those standards.
The ISO 9001 standard is used by many companies globally. They use it to showcase their ability to provide excellent services and products. Those products and services consistently meet both customer and regulatory requirements. It’s also used to demonstrate an organisation’s continuous improvement.
What Does It Mean When Your Business Is Certified?
A certified company must develop, maintain, and continuously improve their business processes. They must measure and compare their business’ performance to appropriate quality standards. That way, they can maintain ISO quality standards.
Those standards continuously focus on meeting customer expectations.
Certification shows customers that an organisation is dedicated to customer satisfaction. The ISO experience guarantees high-quality services and products.
Why Do ISO Standards Matter?
There are many reasons for a strict set of standards for certification. Those companies demonstrate exemplary processes and consumer understanding.
Here are 3 of the reasons why manufacturing sectors have adopted ISO standards:

  • ISO standards delivery legitimate value through resource and material savings
  • ISO standards provide marketing and sales advantages
  • ISO standards demonstrate a commitment to meet partner and customer requirements

Every company using a QMS appreciates how those standards improve all businesses processes. They also notice a reduction in non-conforming products and costs.
Components of ISO 9001 Certification
ISO 9001 aims to provide a workable and practical QMS. That QMS seamlessly monitors and improves all areas of a business.
The procedures are not complicated, nor should they be difficult to manage. The purpose is to provide a workable QMS that’s suitable for your company. You’ll end up with a system that improves all aspects of your organisation.
Let’s take a look at some of the components that will help improve your business.
Customer Satisfaction
Becoming ISO 9001 certified will inevitably lead to increased profit and productivity. In turn, you’ll improve customer retention and acquisition.
Customer service guidelines and standards are recognised globally. Your customers will understand and appreciate the benefits. They’ll take pride in working with a company that is ISO 9001 certified.
Some customers will only do business with certified companies. They know that the management systems in place are continuously assessed and approved.
Some of the advantages customers enjoy when working with certified companies are:

  • Better quality of products and services
  • Minimised mistakes
  • Reliable production pertaining to scheduling and delivery
  • Better reporting and communications
  • Peace of mind knowing standards are maintained through annual assessment and approval

Improving customer satisfaction must be at the top of any company’s list of goals. This is the only way to ensure optimal productivity and profit margins.
Tailored Training
Transitioning to a QMS that fits your company culture can only happen with everyone on board.
Before initiating your organisation’s transformation, we’ll help you focus on the training. That training must create a shared understanding of the ISO experience. This includes development in every department, from IT to sales.
It’s crucial to plan and anticipate changes to your company in a sequence of stages. Employees need time to adjust their attitudes and to learn and love a new system. It’s important to stay aware of employees’ sensitivities and needs throughout the training.
Every group of employees goes through adjustment periods. Paying mind to that is the only way to achieve optimal certification results.
Your customers, technology adopters, and stakeholders must all participate. Having everyone on board is the best way to make the most of your certification. It’s also the only way to make full use of your adapted system management process.
If everyone is in sync and working together, your customers will be the first to notice.
Continuous Coaching
It doesn’t matter how small or large your transformation may be. Continuous coaching still plays an integral role in continuously improve your business processes.
You’ll continue to provide guidance to all members of your team. In your certification process, we will provide a streamlined approach. That approach will help improve your systems. We’ll also help you rectify any non-conformities while keeping things simple and affordable.
During your journey, you’ll establish or reinforce stringent yet exciting guidelines. Those will set your business apart from others.
Improved Quality Management System
Every company should have a QMS. The QMS helps to document processes, responsibilities, and procedures. All the components help to achieve quality objectives and policies.
A QMS helps to coordinate and direct an organisation’s activities. It ensures those activities meet regulatory and customer requirements. It also improves its efficiency and effectiveness on a continual basis.
ISO 9001 is the international standard for requirements for quality management systems. It is the most prominent and recognised approach for your business practices.
Setting Realistic Expectations
The process requires a committed endurance to making the change. We’ll help you set expectations that align with the unique culture of your business.
Set realistic expectations at every level of your business. Continuously reinforce them along the way. In doing so, you’ll ensure that any future obstacles will only be minor bumps to overcome.
The end result will be rewarding in many ways. You’ll see improvement monetarily. You’ll also witness improved customer satisfaction and a consistent and happy company culture.
ISO Experience Benefits
Almost all consumers are focusing on customer service today. Make sure your business provides ISO 9001 customer satisfaction. Then, you’ll increase your customer acquisition rate.
It’s important to acquire the right support and maintain knowledge of your employees. Doing so will ensure your customers receive unprecedented customer service. Also, it will be one that improves all areas of your business.
Here are some of the fantastic benefits of ISO 9001 certification:

  • Less waste
  • Suitable for small or large organisations
  • Increased effectiveness
  • Increased productivity and profit
  • Better internal management
  • Globally recognised standard
  • Better customer acquisition and retention
  • Consistent outcomes
  • Compatible with additional ISO standards
  • Accredited by Sustainable Certification
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Requirements and Elements of a QMS
There are many components of an excellent and efficient quality management system. They all help achieve the overall goals for an organisation. Those goals help to meet the needs of customers and the business.
Every element plays an essential role in achieving those unique organisational needs. All systems share common elements and requirements for establishing a QMS, such as:

  • Quality manual
  • Data management
  • The organisation’s quality objectives and policy
  • Instructions, procedures, and records
  • Internal processes
  • Customer satisfaction from product quality
  • Improvement opportunities
  • Quality analysis

Quality management systems have successfully merged with the ideas of transparency and sustainability. These themes are becoming increasingly vital to customer satisfaction.
The ISO regularly audits the quality and sustainability of organisations. It also audits and improves the standards and regulations that help them get there.
Don’t Wait to Improve Your ISO Customer Service
ISO customer service standards and regulations will inevitably improve your business processes. They’ll also improve communications across the board.
Your in-house team will be happier and more productive. Your customers will notice a difference. Plus, many consumers actively seek out services and products from ISO-compliant companies. With certification, you’ll be able to attract and retain those customers.
Do you want to find out how our team at Sustainable Certification can help improve your business? Contact us with any questions you have! We are here to help you improve your business.

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