As part of our compliance processes, Sustainable Certification™ is absolutely committed to:

1 . Occupational health, safety and welfare

2 . Rehabilitation

3 . Compliance with AS 4801

4 . Establishment of measurable objectives and targets

5 . Legislative and regulatory compliance

6 . Continual improvement in all our endeavours

7 . Using our own internal and contracted external resources as required in the execution of our OHS&W responsibilities


Our objective is to create and maintain a workplace which is free from hazards which may affect persons at work


In recognition of our Duty of Care to all persons in the workplace, we have developed and maintain processes for:

1 . Identification of OHS&W specific responsibilities and accountabilities within our position descriptions, and compliance with those responsibilities

2 . Developing and maintaining appropriate consultation and communications strategies for OHS&W

3 . The Identification and assessment of OHS hazards in the workplace; control of these hazards within the prescribed hierarchy of control; and residual risk evaluation within the guidelines developed in AS 4360 Risk Management and corporate policies / procedures

4 . Contractor management

5 . Rehabilitation as a means to promote wellbeing and maintaining the self-esteem of the individual, whilst returning any injured person to meaningful work as soon as is practicable after any incident

6 . Equitable claims management for personnel injured at work

Chief Executive Officer
Sustainable Certification™ Pty Ltd
July 2012

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